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Activist and creative director; meet Sophia Tassew

Sophia Tassew, a 19-year-old female grime fanatic from South East London. A girl who was torn between a degree or chasing her dreams. Now she is one step closer.

After making the decision to actively become a creative, she parted from her studies.  The 19-year-old later landed herself a role as a Junior Art Director at FCB Inferno Advertising Agency.

The art director says her mum is a key role model to her life; She also looks up to the creative style of musicians like; Missy Elliot, Basquiat and Skepta.

“They’re all very unapologetic with their art which is what I really believe in”, she explained.

When asked about diversity in the creative arts industry, Sophia highlighted the lack of it. “I rarely come across any other young black creatives at industry events”.

The young creative told The Nubian Times that she should not be able to remember each black or brown face she came across.

Being tired of her community not being represented enough, Sophia showcased her first art exhibition #140BPM. She explained how the environment she grew up in played a part in the grime street art set up.

“I wanted to create an exhibition that was close to home”, Sophia said. She also “really wanted people to come to the exhibition and feel inspired, proud, and gassed. I feel like Grime can translate through so many things. Art, clothes, the unapologetic attitude; the pride, the music. It’s all there”.

With the showcase being a success and currently working on planning a next one, the 19-year-old talked about plans for the future.

“I guess the end goal is to make a real change in the art world. My career as an art director is important to me too. I really want to bring my own ideas and others to life as I’ve got tons of them”.

The grime fanatic also takes part in activism; protesting against police brutality and inequalities of Ethnic minorities.

Sophia would like to make a huge impact on the world. Her creative mind could lead into that direction.

TNT Arts & Culture Banathi Nwakwesili

Photo Credit: Sophia Tassew

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