Young Identity’s Battle of the Minds

As Manchester Literature Festival (MLF) gets into its writer-ly and literal-ly swing of things, Manchester’s brightest young orators – Young Identity – are clearing their throats in readiness for their ‘Battle of the Minds.’

In conjunction with MLF, Young Identity will be presenting their own take on the curriculums of education and knowledge on the 17 October at Contact Theatre.

Teaching life lessons and sharing playground parables, the 26-strong group of spoken word artists that formed in Moss Side, are a mix of teenagers and young adults that will use poetry to dissect educational systems. Between lunch time punch-ups, discovering self-worth and devising a failsafe plan to avoid P.E., the poets think out loud about what they know and where they learned it from.

The event is scheduled to start at 7.30pm and will have “raw, honest and thoughtful life lessons from some of the city’s freshest new performers”, the spoken word collective said.

Not only through performance poetry does the group probe life’s lessons, but through prose do they also provide a platform to explore issues important to young people.

Tickets are priced at £6 and £11, for students or concessions and adults, respectively.

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