‘Your Mind, Your Money, Your Manchester’ comes to the city

A conference supported by Mancunian money saving expert, Martin Lewis, recently came to our city with the aim of helping people overcome financial difficulties and improve mental wellbeing – which often suffers as a consequence of money miss-management.

‘Your Mind, Your Money, Your Manchester’, was hosted by both One Manchester and Manchester City Council. In an effort to raise awareness of difficult financial situations, and offer ways of avoiding them; the conference aimed on giving people the advice they both want and need.

One Manchester, the company that manages more than 12,000 properties across Manchester, has been responsible for coordinating the event since its inception.

Through their pioneering efforts in the ‘Mind Your Money’ initiative, One Manchester offer a free service for social housing residents across Manchester – helping people to be more confident with their money.

Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, has also said: “Money and mental health problems are a marriage made in hell. If you have mental health problems, you have a 49% chance of having had debt crisis – that’s five times more than everybody else. The treatment times for clinical depression are also said to be exasperated by 18 months for people who have financial problems at the same time.

“Our job is to look for clever forms of prevention – this isn’t easy. It’s not about disenfranchising people from the world of finance, but about helping them to navigate it. Therefore, open communication and conferences like this one in Manchester, where people can open up and recognise these problems and how we deal with them, are absolutely key.”

Dave Power, group chief executive of One Manchester, said: “Over the past four years Manchester’s Financial Inclusion Conference has gone from strength to strength, gaining high-profile backing from businesses and individuals alike.

“It is vital that we continue to work in partnership with a range of organisations to help people take control of their finances, improve their wellbeing and in turn, improve the prosperity of local communities”.

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Photo Credit: MoneySavingExpert.com

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