‘Yungen’ Sony RCA rising star

Welcoming summer 2016 couldn’t have been more interesting, as TNT met up with South London rapper Yungen, at this year’s #Parklife.

Having shot to fame following a freestyle rap on SB.TV, then earning himself a MOBO nomination as Best Newcomer, Yungen has shown enough luminous signs that he is here to stay and shine over the UK urban scene.

Whilst many may know the 23-year-old rapper from his beef with Chipmunk – who is now famed for his diss tracks – Yungen told TNT he has been “doing music now for about 6 years seriously”.

“It started as a hobby; making music for fun really and I used to put up videos on YouTube and started to get a lot of love. Had my first freestyle on SB.TV, that’s where I realised that this could be the start of my journey. Since then I just keep going”.

Nonetheless, the rapper’s journey has not always been smooth sailing. “I think everyday really has been a big test. I’ve enjoyed it; I wouldn’t want to do anything else. So that has kept me going really. You have to pay for everything yourself, you got to make your own decisions; the right decisions”.

Although Yungen’s road to stardom was self-funded, there are bigger achievements in store for the South Londoner after he signed his first record deal with Sony RCA back in November 2015.

“I’m signed now but I still pay for a lot of stuff myself. I don’t just depend on the label because I’ve got them there for the sake of it”, he told TNT.

Following the release of his single ‘Take My Number’, Yungen is currently in the process of working on his album, the release of which is unknown. “I don’t really like to give a time [for the release] because I feel like if I give it a time, I’ve got to rush to it. I’m just recording right now and we are in a good place, we have a lot of songs”.

On staying grounded even with his fame, the rapper stressed that: “When you come from nothing, it’s hard to forget that. I’m surrounded by my friends; I’m a normal kid”.

Performing at all the main festivals this summer – Glastonbury, Wireless, Reading and Leeds – Yungen is set to make 2016 his year. Following the festivals, the ‘Comfy’ rapper confirmed he will be touring the UK “probably in October”.

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