Zendaya Coleman: Glamour woman of the year

The 20-year-old singer, dancer, actress and designer who keeps pushing for love and diversity

Zendaya Coleman has been named Glamour woman of the year 2016. She received her award on Monday 14 November.

The now 20-year-old actress is an advocate for standing up to bullying and emphasises diversity amongst her work. Whenever Zendaya makes headlines in the news is its nothing but positivity and inspiration.

On her feature with Glamour magazine the multi-talent spoke about her desires on inspiring others. “Acting is my passion but I started to understand the power and influence I have”.

As part of her aim to help others, Zendaya set out to South Africa in 2015. The aim for her voluntary work was to promote positivity in testing for HIV.

She decided to volunteer for UNAIDS because numbers were rising amongst young people in some South African communities.

The Disney star said “I think it’s really important as young people we normalise this discussion”. She added that the more people talk about aids, the less young people will be ashamed to get tested.

For most young people in the Hollywood spotlight they celebrate their birthdays big. Zendaya on the other hand asked to help the people who have less than her.

Feeding the ‘150’

On her 18th birthday, she asked her Instagram followers to help achieve a dream of feeding 150 local school children. Her followers made donations and helped children from less developed countries.

As she turned 19, instead of presents; the activist asked for help.  Her focus was onto help inspirational people met on her trip in South Africa.

“I want to help three brothers who inspired me beyond words” the humanitarian told her followers.

Her wish soon came through as the brothers who lost their parents to aids were able to buy a home.

Zendaya continues to be a role model amongst young people and telling them to always be themselves. She herself has been subjected to bullying in the eyes of the media.

The mixed raced star with a white mother and black father loves embracing her blackness and culture. She broke barriers and wore dreadlocks to a red carpet even. Fashion Police made racist comments calling the hairstyle ‘un kept’ and ‘untidy’.

Zendaya hit back at that program and continued to be unapologetically black. Whilst doing that she continues to promote love, equality and unity within her community.

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