Ziya Asian Grill Press Launch 

Despite having been established a year already, a newly revamped Ziya Asian Grill threw open its doors on Thursday 7 May with new General Managers  Mo and Akay at the helm.

A combination of smooth live music, stylish outfits and free-flowing bubbly [Prosecco] created an atmosphere of sophistication and fun, showing that this is a restaurant entirely happy and confident in what they have to offer.

The features of this three storey Asian restaurant are stunning – from the beaded candle-holders to the glittering stones embedded in a wall in the bathroom. It was this beautiful attention to detail that struck me most. This in fact seemed to characterise the entire evening; the effort that was put into the entertainment reflected the detail of the establishment’s stunning interior. With a magician circulating each of the three floors performing impressive card tricks, a live band on the second floor whose upbeat, classy music reverberated throughout the building, not to mention the delicious canapés, Ziya’s managers seemed to have thought of everything.

To say that the staff were attentive is almost an injustice. The positive energy they exuded was infectious, flooding the place with a lively atmosphere that encouraged the guests to mix and mingle.

The food itself was exquisite. There were almost as many vegetarian options as there were meat or fish, which was certainly a personal highlight. Tasty little samosas accompanied by a delicious yoghurt dip were followed by other such dishes as mushroom pakoras smothered in a sweet relish, and my personal favourite: a small mass of paneer curry nested on a square of warm naan bread. All were served as bite-sized portions in little baskets that complimented the restaurant’s decor perfectly. Aromas were tantalising, tastes exceptional.

Prices of starters such as those that we sampled range from £2.95 to £7.95. Main dishes start from £7.95 for a curry, up to £14.95 for a more extravagant meal such as a steak. Considering the exceptionally high quality of the food, these prices are fantastic value for money.

During a tour of the restaurant, Mo explained how when organising a private event – held in the lavish third floor function room – he devises a set menu comprising dishes of the customer’s own choosing. This extra effort – treating us like we’re visitors in his own home – proves that customer satisfaction wins over profit every time.

The level of staff engagement with the guests made each person feel particularly valued. We all enjoy making an occasion out of venturing to a nice restaurant for dinner, and the fact that the staff at Ziya take their time to make each and every customer feel important really does make the experience special.

In addition to all of this, taking in the sunset from the balcony view, Wilmslow Road appeared almost beautiful, even with the flurry of buses that consistently grace its tarmac.

Nestled between two takeaways on Manchester’s infamous Curry Mile, Ziya Asian Grill seems a little oddly placed. However, it is certain to add a new glamorous dimension to the area and revitalise the Curry Mile’s reputation. Having hosted an utterly flawless evening, Ziya have set the bar astronomically high for themselves.

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